White Nights

Technically speaking' the so-called "White Nights" is a natural effect in Estonia and is related to the geographical location (coordinates of Tallinn are 59°26′14″N 24°44′43″E). Due to such a high latitude (not very far from Arctic Circle), the sun does not go under the horizon deep enough for the sky to get dark (read also about northern summer solstice). Many places at a similar latitude (~59°) experience this phenomenon, like St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, the southern tip of Greenland, Seward (Alaska), etc.. But anybody else who is coming from more south to Estonia can, during the Workshop, experience the White Nights in Tallinn. Therefore, the unofficial slogan of the workshop is “Meet the White Nights in Tallinn!”

The bright nights in Estonia last from late May to early July, but the real White Nights normally last from June 11 to July 2, and the brightest night, when dusk meets dawn in Estonia is on the night of 20-21. June. This is one of the reasons for the timing of the Workshop.

What could be more special than walking along the streets of Old Tallinn when the night is as bright as early evening? The downtown is full of people, even at night. It is a great time for those in love. Ancient folklore maintains that on this day the dusk and dawn hold hands together and it is so bright outside, that during this period the street lighting is not turned on.

Midnight view from Upper Town (part of Old Town) to the Lower Town and sea.