Accompanying person

We anticipate that a number of workshop delegates will have accompanying persons. Tallinn is an attractive place to take some days off from every-day routine. Therefore we have organized some excursions and recreation activities for the accompanying persons.

Covered by the accompanying person admission fee:

Reception (June 18), Old Tallinn walking tour (June 19) and Nightclub Café Amigo (every evening) are already described in the overall social programme. In addition to that two afternoons are filled with a marzipan painting workshop and a guided excursion to Estonian National Art Gallery:

Marzipan painting workshop (2-3 hours, afternoon of June 19-th)
Painted marzipan is Tallinn’s speciality and this workshop takes you to the Sweets Master’s Chamber of Chocolate Factory Kalev where you have the possibility to learn how to make marzipan and little marzipan figures, and mix dyes for painting marzipan. After that, everyone can paint their own figure just the way they like it. Marzipan is a sweet made mostly from almonds and powdered sugar, which has been manufactured already since the Middle Ages. Marzipan was initially used as a medicine. Nowadays it is used as a sweet, but it is still manufactured in Tallinn as it was done centuries ago. As a matter of fact, both old Hanseatic cities Reval (now Tallinn) and Lübeck (in Germany) are still fully convinced that the right of discovery of marzipan belongs to them. During this workshop you will learn about the history of marzipan and also about the history of Tallinn.

Kalev Martzipan
Workshop at Sweets Master’s Chamber of Chocolate Factory Kalev

Kalev Chocolate Factory is the biggest and oldest confectionery company in Estonia, and its first predecessor started activities in Tallinn in 1806. The main activity of the Kalev Chocolate Factory is manufacturing chocolate and sugar confectionery products and the sale of chocolate, sugar and flour confectionery products.

Guided excursion to Estonian National Art Gallery (4 hour, afternoon of June 20-th)
We take you to the two adjacent locations of Estonian National Art Gallery, namely to Kadriorg Art Museum and KUMU, where the guided tour is organized.

The Kadriorg Art Museum displays hundreds of 16th- to 20th-century paintings by Western and Russian artists, as well as prints, sculptures and other works. Kadriorg Palace is a baroque palace which was designed by Italian architect Niccolo Michetti and built by Peter the Great for his wife, Catherine I, in 1718.

kadriorg, kunstimuuseum
The Kadriorg Art Museum

KUMU presents Estonia's national gallery and is also a centre for contemporary art. The complex itself is a work of art - it was opened in 2006 after nearly a decade of planning and construction, and is considered a modern architectural masterpiece. Curves and sharp edges mark out the copper and limestone structure, which is built into the side of a limestone cliff. KUMU's exhibition aims to appeal simultaneously to a diversity of audiences. Exhibitions display both classical and contemporary art and everything in between. The museum program features art from the 18th century until today, Estonian art until the Second World War, art of the Soviet era and a changing program of contemporary art.

Kardiorg, KUMU

Extra to the accompanying person admission fee

Banquet (June 21)
Banquet must be booked separately. Details are provides in the overall social programme.

Note that this requires payment of the additional fee also for accompanying person as indicated on the registration form.

Post conference tour (June 23)
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Important! Accompanying persons should be indicated by respective payment on the registration form when submitting the registration and the respective payment should be made together with the registration fee. If this is necessary, accompanying person can be registered with a separate form and payment. Do not hesitate to contact organizers when making late decisions.

Disclaimer! Organizers reserve right to make changes in the accompanying persons program till this paragraph is not removed. This program really depends on number of accompanying persons registered, but we assure you that a nice program will be arranged for any number of accompanying persons.